Dead aunt case suspect freed

A man initially suspected of killing his aunt has been freed from custody.

The body of the 89-year-old woman was discovered in a deep freezer at her home in Neuhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria, by police officers who were contacted by relatives and friends of the pensioner last Monday. They informed officials of not having heard from her for some time.

Her nephew was put in detention after admitting to having put the woman’s corpse there to keep receiving her pension and social benefits for looking after her. The man, who lived with the elderly woman, was freed from custody, St. Pölten prosecutors confirmed yesterday (Thurs). They explained a post mortem ruled out third-party responsibility.

However, the man, 47, may face charges for fraud and disturbing a deceased person’s peace. Juridical authorities are expected to order a psychologist to check his mental condition before taking any further steps. His aunt passed away from cardiac failure.