Boars plague Vienna’s rich

Residents of a posh district in Vienna are up in arms over wild boars invading their homes.

The animals have been scouring the back gardens of houses in Döbling for months. Now local Social Democrats (SPÖ), People’s Party (ÖVP) officials and representatives of the Döbling branch of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) decided to show unusual unity to solve the matter. The factions drafted a resolution in favour of more hunting activities in the region which is close to the Vienna Woods. The parties called on Viennese SPÖ Environment Councillor Ulli Sima to take action.

Sima’s office reacted today (Thurs) by referring the district’s politicians to hunting authorities – who point out that the demanded usage of night vision devices was prohibited. They suggested to increase hunts at full moon and warned that many pets could be injured if they followed the appeals of many people to set up more traps in Döbling.

Tenants of Döbling – who claim they have been plagued by the boars for months – were also ordered to improve their fences to keep the animals away from organic waste collection bins and garden sheds. Citizens of several cities across continental Europe including German capital Berlin have complained about similar issues with wild boars before.

Döbling’s traditional wine taverns attract tourists from all over the world. The district’s property prices are only matched by Vienna’s city centre and Tyrolean winter sport hotspot Kitzbühel.