Ringo Starr admits stage fright

Ringo Starr has revealed he still suffers from stage fright after 50 years in the business.

The Beatles legend said: “I’m nervous ahead of every gig. I feel like running away three seconds before I’m due to hit the stage. That’s why I always run – I’d love to coolly stroll on stage but I can’t. But I’m alright as soon as I get the microphone in my hand.”

The drummer is currently touring Europe under his everlasting motto “Peace & Love.” Asked whether he ever felt strained due to his packed schedule, he told Austrian magazine News: “No, I love to work. Other bands may play two concerts a week when on tour. I prefer doing five.”

Ringo added: “(American blues guitarist) B.B. King (aged 85) is my hero. (Singer and guitar player) Chuck Berry is still performing too (at the age of 84). I’ll give concerts as long as I can hold on to the sticks. You cannot tell when it’s all over.”

Speaking to News, the 71-year-old born as Richard Starkey in Liverpool denied being a music legend felt like a burden. “It never was. I played in clubs and with the best bands in the world. I’m still living my dream – which is making music. That’s what it is all about. I don’t get up in the morning thinking, I’m a legend. I’m a musician.”