Slovak speeder stopped in Salzburg

A 24-year-old Slovak driver was caught going nearly twice as high as the speed limit on a motorway in Salzburg.The man was stopped by a police car after a radar trap flashed him driving at 230 kilometres per hour (kph) on the A1 western motorway near Eugendorf this morning (Mon). The general speed limit on Austrian highways is 130 kph, while drivers have to remain under 100 kph in some zones due to environmental protection reasons or because of the vicinity of residential areas.Police seized the Slovak speeder’s licence and fined him. They said he continued his journey in the Chevrolet sports car to Switzerland in the passenger seat.Only last Friday, a Graz resident had to hand over his licence after being caught going 210 kph on the A2 southern motorway near Mooskirchen, Styria.