Bitter outcry over sweet Nazi delicacies

A Lower Austrian confectioner faces legal consequences for offering cakes depicting Nazi era logos.Maria Enzersdorf-based businessman Manfred Klaschka was reported to the police by the Austrian Mauthausen Committee (MKÖ), an organisation focusing on keeping up the memory of the Nazis’ victims.Prosecutors in Wiener Neustadt are expected to press charges under the Austrian anti-Nazi propaganda law against the confectioner. Pictures released by the MKÖ today (Weds) reveal that Klaschka offered cakes and pies showing swastikas, Third Reich era slogans and other objects and statements banned under Austrian law.Confronted by Viennese newspapers whether the MK֒s initiative will make him stop offering products depicting prohibited slogans and logos, Klaschka said, referring to the bloodthirsty Libyan leader: “If someone orders it, I’ll create a Gaddafi cake.”The Austrian justice ministry recently said 741 people were reported for engaging in crimes with a far-right political background or spreading neo-Nazi propaganda last year, up by almost 40 per cent compared to 2009.