‘Jealous’ man jailed for knifing

A 43-year-old man has been sentenced to prison for knifing down guests of a pub his girlfriend worked at.Judges at Vienna’s Criminal Court heard today (Fri) how the Hungarian-born resident of Vienna followed two men on New Year’s Eve 2008 when they left the bar in Vienna-Ottakring. The men, aged 47 and 69, explained they only decided to go home over fears the situation at the inn would get totally out of control. They said the man started to insult them and other guests right after entering the pub.The defendant – who was described as “extremely jealous” by his girlfriend – stabbed down both of them in the street. The older victim of the attack said in court: “I used to enjoy running five kilometres a day. Doctors had to put me into an artificial coma for 10 days after the attack. Now taking the stairs feels like torture.”The verdict of 17 years behind bars is not yet legally binding as the defence lawyer appealed.