Copper cable thieves collared

Four people were arrested after police discovered copper cables weighing nearly 400 kilograms in their car.The suspects – three men and one woman from Poland – were put in custody in Salzburg after a random traffic check in Bruck an der Leitha, Lower Austria yesterday (Thurs).The group claimed to have bought the cables in Italy. Police decided to examine the 380-kilo spool after they failed to show a receipt confirming the acquisition. Officers then found out that the cables were reported as stolen from a storage site in Högmoos in the province of Salzburg.The cables are worth around 2,700 Euros, according to the police.The incident comes on the back of a series of metal and copper thefts across Austria.It was reported only last month that more than 20 kilometres (km) of aluminium cables were stolen from a transformer station near Eisenstadt in Burgenland.