Pub-goer freezes to death

A Styrian pensioner has been discovered frozen to death just a stone’s throw from his home.The 71-year-old man’s body was found lying in a dried out riverbed by a passerby in Pernegg at around 8am this morning. The man lived around 200 metres from the place where his corpse was discovered.Investigations have revealed that he had been to a local bar the previous night. Police said a local doctor has suggested the man was unable to get up after slipping and falling over on his way home. He sustained serious facial injuries in the incident which probably left him unconscious.Only last month, a dementia sufferer died after spending the night lying in a field. The retirement home resident, 92, may have slipped when he went for a night-time walk wearing nothing but pyjamas, a vest and slippers in Haslach.