Another arrest in Tunisian murder case

Police investigating the death of a Tunisian have arrested another man.Viennese officials said yesterday (Tues) that they have put Abdelmonam O. into custody. The man is suspected of having been involved in the killing of Mohamed T.The 69-year-old was rushed to a clinic after a passersby found him lying in a street in Vienna-Penzing on 28 January. The man died due to his severe head injuries a few days later.It is matter of investigations whether Abdelmonam O. was involved in the crime. The 25-year-old led officers to a place at the embankment of the Wien River. Police fished a hammer out of the water at the spot. The object is currently being examined by experts to find out whether it was the murder weapon.The Kurier newspaper reports today that Abdelmonam O. said in interrogations that he played no role in the crime but was just a witness. The daily Kronen Zeitung meanwhile claims that the man admitted having participated in the killing of Mohamed T., but claimed that Ahmed K. – who was arrested two weeks ago – masterminded the murder.Traces of blood found on the clothes of Ahmed K. were matched with the blood of the slain man. The 37-year-old man knew the victim, according to some members of the Tunisian community in Vienna.Investigators are understood to be ruling out that the crime has a political background despite the fact that Mohamed T. headed a Vienna-based organisation affiliated with the party of toppled Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.