Building site theft damages amount to €15,000

Damages of 15,000 Euros were caused by thieves who stole tools and cables from a construction site in Lower Austria, it has been reported.Police in St. Pölten said today (Fri) that clothing, computer equipment, tools, copper cables and other items were taken from the building site in the city in the night-time incident. They added that the overall damage of the crime ranged around 15,000 Euros. Officials added that attempts to steal two excavators from the property apparently failed.The federal interior ministry announced last month that 73,146 criminal offences were reported to police in Lower Austria in 2010. It said this was a 12.9 per cent year on year decrease.The construction site theft occurred only a few days after a man suffocated in a pool of mud as he attempted to steal a digger from an building site Upper Austria.Police in the province, which borders Lower Austria, said the 55-year-old’s body was discovered behind the wheel of the excavator by workers when they returned to the site from lunch at a café.