Burglar bags cash as tenant takes a nap

Cash and jewellery have been stolen from a flat in Linz while its tenant was fast asleep in the same room, it has been reported.Police in Upper Austria announced today (Weds) that the unidentified intruder, who is being sought, apparently entered the apartment by breaking down the front door.The criminal nicked around 450 Euros and jewellery out of a handbag lying on a table in the living room while the tenant – a 80-year-old woman – was taking her afternoon nap yesterday. The pensioner realised what had happened only after she woke up.Federal police meanwhile said the number of burglaries of houses decreased by 39 per cent year on year in 2010 while the number of break-ins into flats dropped by 18 per cent at the same time.The number of reported crimes across the country decreased by 9.4 per cent from 2009 to 2010 to 535,745 cases, according to Federal Crime Office (BK) chief Franz Lang.