Fake doc may be in charge for woman’s death

A German actor who was assigned to work as a doctor after presenting forged documents may face murder charges as a woman died after he failed to help.Nils G., 38, who starred in various TV series and films, was arrested after having worked as an emergency doctor for the Viennese Samaritans Association and the Red Cross in Lower Austria for several weeks.Now reports have it the man faces a trial as state prosecutorsÂ’ investigations found that a 63-year-old woman died as he did not know what to do when she collapsed in an ambulance. Another female patient, 38, is in intensive care after the conman asked a paramedic to take over when she passed out.A medical assessment says the life of the deceased woman could have been saved had she received the appropriate medication.Prosecutors announced today (Weds) that the suspect, who was arrested in October, remains in custody as investigations continue.