Thousands of lorries banned this year

More than 6,000 trucks were banned from Austrian roads so far this year, according to the federal traffic ministry.The ministry, which is headed by Social Democrat (SPÖ) Doris Bures, announced today (Tues) its Federal Traffic Authority (BAV) stopped and examined 27,600 lorries of all types and sizes since last January. It added 6,100 of them were banned from driving in Austria over dangers they posed to other motorists due to various deficiencies such as faulty brakes and axles.The traffic ministry said it planned to check as many trucks in the coming year while increasing the efficiency of examinations.Meanwhile, Austrian motorists associations called for tougher traffic rules as dozens of lorries operated by foreign hauliers got stuck on the country’s snow-covered roads during the past few weeks as they lacked winter tyres and snow chains.Drivers’ representatives claimed lorries of the fleets of domestic cargo business entrepreneurs were prepared much better for traffic conditions in the cold season.