Dad finds son killed by tree

A young Styrian has died as a spruce tree he was cutting down fell onto him.The 24-year-old man was cutting down trees in a forest near Rabendorf in Styria’s Weiz district yesterday afternoon (Tues).Local police said the worker was probably trying to loosen the treetop of a spruce whose trunk had been cut, but had which got tangled with other treetops. He died instantly after being hit on the chest by the collapsing tree, according to a doctor.The man’s body was found by his 60-year-old father around two hours after the accident is thought to have occurred.A 57-year-old forestry worker sustained serious injuries in a similar incident in Horn, Lower Austria, last month.The man from Geras was cutting back some trees which were surrounding a frail one when the affected plant’s treetop suddenly collapsed. He was buried by several branches for some minutes before colleagues managed to free him.