Stabbing victim drives 40km to clinic

An elderly Austrian drove 40 kilometres (km) to the nearest hospital after being stabbed outside a casino in the Czech Republic, it has emerged.The 63-year-old businessman from Vienna said today (Thurs) he was attacked by a masked man as he was cleaning snow and ice off his car at the car park of a casino in Mikulov just over the Austrian-Czech border on Monday evening.”He shouted ‘Money! Kill You’ before stabbing me into the stomach,” the victim explained. He added: “I just wanted to spend a nice evening out and try my luck at the casino.”The attacker, who is still being sought by police, made off with around 4,000 Euros in cash.The seriously injured Austrian drove around 40km to reach the nearest clinic on Austrian soil in Hollabrunn, Lower Austria.”My thick winter clothes kept the blade from going deeper into my flesh. That probably saved my life,” he said.