First quadruplet leaves clinic

One of a set of female quadruplets born at an Upper Austrian hospital has been discharged, doctors said today (Tues).Martin Wald of the Klinikum Wels announced the girl, who now weighs 3.1 kilograms, was allowed to join her mother at home last week. The woman, who underwent hormone treatment to become pregnant, gave birth to the child in the 24th week of pregnancy on 8 July. It tipped the scaled at just 570 grams at that time.Her three sisters were born via caesarean one week later. Two of them may leave the clinic shortly, according to Wald.This extraordinary birth of quadruplets occurred weeks before a Carinthian woman gave birth to monovular triplets at the Klinikum Klagenfurt hospital. Doctors stressed that the chances of give birth to single egg triplets was one in 200 million.Comparative figures have meanwhile shown that Austria’s premature births rate was 11.1 per cent, while an average seven out of 100 births in Europe occurred before the 37th week of pregnancy.