Fritzl interview ‘will have consequences’

German reporters may face legal charges in Austria for interviewing incest beast Josef Fritzl, it has emerged.The Austrian justice ministry announced today (Weds) that reporters from the German daily newspaper Bild were suspected of having lied to prison officials to get an interview with the 75-year-old pervert.The ministry said the journalists may have cooperated with one of Fritzl’s lawyers. It added that the interview apparently took place in venues of the Stein jail in Krems, Lower Austria, which normally only prisoners’ lawyers are allowed to enter.The justice ministry also said that it prohibited Fritzl to give any interviews after he was sentenced to life in jail last year in a bid to protect his victims. “This incident will have consequences,” the ministry stressed, adding that it did not receive a request by any newspaper for an interview with the convict. The lawyer who allegedly helped the journalists to meet Fritzl could face a disciplinary hearing, according to reports.Bild rubbished the accusations, saying: “Our reporters always made clear they wanted to speak with Fritzl about a book project. He has plans to publish an autobiography. Apart from that, our staff were checked upon entering the jail and they had to hand over various items which are not allowed inside the prison.”The interview, which was published some days ago, made headlines all over the world. Fritzl told the reporters he was convinced that his ex-wife Rosemarie was still in love with him.The pervert, who kept his own daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave for 24 years, also said: “I often think of my wife at night. I dream of getting out of here alive, because I’d love to look after her. She was always faithful.”Fritzl, who admitted to rape, incest, murder and enslavement in a trial held in St. Pölten in March 2009, also said he was a massive fan of “Two and a Half Men” since the young star of the American sitcom reminded him of one of his sons.