Teen hides WWII grenade in bedroom

A teenager kept a World War Two grenade in his bedroom for more than a year, it has emerged.Police in Kuchl, Salzburg, said today (Mon) the 16-year-old’s father informed them he had discovered the weapon under piles of clothing and comic books in a wardrobe when cleaning up his son’s messy bedroom on the weekend.The family spotted the grenade on a beach at the Normandy region in France. They took a picture of it and continued their walk – but the son of the family later returned to collect the dangerous object.Explosives experts evacuated the building and found out that the weapon posed no danger anymore since it did not feature a detonator.Earlier this month, police discovered around 20 kilos of explosives in the pantry of a blast master’s home in Carinthian capital Klagenfurt. The 54-year-old’s house was searched following an anonymous tip-off.The man was suspended from work. He was permitted to possess explosives due to his profession now faces consequences for improper storage.