Angler breaks arm trying to reach creek with ladder

An elderly fisherman had to be hospitalised after he broke his arm trying to climb a steep embankment with a ladder.The 83-year-old wanted to go fishing at the Gaflenzbach stream near the Upper Austrian town of Weyer with a friend yesterday (Weds). The pensioner fell more than two metres into the riverbed after losing his balance on a ladder.The man managed to climb up again despite having broken his right upper arm. He was transferred to a clinic in Steyr where he is now recovering.This incident comes shortly after a  pensioner was rescued from a tree after a branch he leaned his ladder against broke.The 97-year-old from Bruck an der Glocknerstraße in the province of Salzburg was left clasping onto a branch until fire-fighters arrived. The ordeal left him unharmed. Firemen said the man told them he wanted to pick apples.