Injured man goes home after hit by car

A pedestrian hit by a car was found being looked after by his wife following an accident in Upper Austria this morning (Mon).The 48-year-old man was thrown against a car windscreen when the driver failed to spot him and ploughed straight into the man as he was walking his dog Marchtrenk in the early morning hours. He was hurled over the vehicle before landing in a roadside ditch.The shocked driver did not stop but drove to the nearest police station to report the incident. Officers informed the 38-year-old – who faces charges – that it was a breach of traffic rules not to stop after an accident.Police found the slightly injured man at home where his wife treated his bruises. He was hospitalised as a precaution and underwent x-ray checks in Wels.Meanwhile, criminal investigators in Vienna and traffic police in Lower Austria have teamed up to investigate a mysterious incident which occurred on the S2 northern motorway near Süßenbrunn just outside Vienna last week.A Hungarian woman’s body was found following her call to police to say she had been “thrown out” of a car by a man. The 38-year-old – who might have been a prostitute – was apparently run over by several cars.