Teen stabs prostitute more than 20 times

A teenager has been put in custody after stabbing a prostitute at his home.David U. called up an escort service for a prostitute to go to his flat in Vienna’s Favoriten district on Saturday.Romanian Nicoletta C. suffered serious injuries as the 15-year-old stabbed her more than 20 times. The 24-year-old woman managed to leave the room and cry for help. She is in intensive care and recovering at the city’s AKH hospital.Police said the boy and the woman did not have sex before he attacked her. The teenager told his defence lawyer Wolfgang Haas they had an argument before he started to stab her upper body.Haas said: “He said the plan was to order a prostitute to insult her.”He also said that his client was a good student and his family “unobtrusive”.Mario Hejl, a spokesman for Viennese police, however said: “He confessed plans to kill her (in police interviews).”The police official explained: “The suspect thinks his parents split up a few years ago because of a prostitute.”Haas said his client was accused by his father of causing massive phone bills by calling up sex chat lines while calling them himself.The lawyer added the suspect schemed a plan to “take revenge” on a prostitute. Haas stressed: “He didn’t want to kill but only to verbally abuse her.”