Another coming out of transsexual teacher

Austria has seen a second case of a once male teacher set to return after the summer holidays to school as a woman.Viennese polytechnic college professor Walter S. infuriated some parents and colleagues by revealing last week he has undergone a sex change surgery recently. The federal education ministry however gave the green lights for the 58-year-old’s plans to teach in women’s clothes calling himself Andrea.Now a Lower Austrian polytechnic teacher said he will be a woman when students at the school in Mödling return from their nine-week break on Monday.The mathematics and physics professor, now called Veronika, said 95 per cent of the reactions she experienced were positive ones.”I’m not afraid thinking about standing in front of my students from next week. I rather feel relieved,” she told the Kurier newspaper.Veronika M., a father-of-four, said her family sat psychological therapy sessions, adding that her decision will not cause divorce from her wife.The 52-year-old also revealed she felt “comfortable”.”But I didn’t understand already in kindergarten why I’m not allowed to join the girls group. I wore a beard for years – maybe as some sort of mask,” she said.HTL Mödling head teacher Peter Cernov fully backed her coming out and the decision to return to work, praising Veronika M. as an “excellent and very popular teacher”.