Snake on the loose found at keeper’s kitchen

An escaped Boa constrictor keeping policeman busy for five days has been found behind the owner’s oven.Graz officials decided to assign dozens of police recruits to search for the dangerous snake after Klaus Löschnig reported it as missing on Sunday. Several reptile experts and volunteers got engaged in the search as well.The reptile enthusiast assumed the 20-kilo beast had sneaked out of his first-storey flat after he forgot to close the balcony door. But now a member of the search team found “Amanda” the snake curled up behind the man’s oven in his kitchen after deciding to check his flat again around midday today (Thurs).Prosecutors in the provincial capital of Styria said they will drop charges over endangering the public against the man since the snake – which derives from Central and South America – did not leave his apartment at any time.Löschnig however faces a fine for keeping the three-metre reptile in a too small terrarium.Some neighbours meanwhile made clear they will ask the 52-year-old to come up for their hotel bills as they decided to move out of their flats until the snake reappears.