House ablaze as elderly woman drops burning log

A 94-year-old woman was hospitalised with smoke poisoning after her house caught fire as she tried to put another log in her oven.The fire spread quickly throughout the whole house after the pensioner dropped burning piece of wood on the floor in Patsch, Tyrol.She managed to get clear in time, and local fire-fighters rescued her from the balcony.The woman suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation.Insurance experts are now set to estimate the amount of damage the blaze caused at the house.A Lower Austrian is meanwhile recovering at the emergency clinic in Linz after suffering second and third degree burns when his oven exploded.Andreas L. managed to alert his neighbour despite 70 per cent of his skin being burned in the dramatic incident in the town of Petronell-Carnuntum last Sunday.The 29-year-old used the oven to heat his home, according to local officials, who added that a wall had been blown up in the blast.