Fritzl brain check details revealed

An American neurologist who revealed plans to scan the brain of Josef Fritzl has spoken about what the incest monster could expect in the examination.Kent A. Kiehl, who made a name for himself by investigating the brains of 1,200 murderers who volunteered to take part in the scans, said today (Fri): “Fritzl’s brain will be confronted with disturbing images while his brain is checked by Magnetic Resonance Tomography.”The New Mexico-based expert said one of the pictures the 75-year-old would be shown was an image of a woman who is threatened with a knife, while another image just featured the slogan “You have sex with your own mother!”Fritzl argued at his trial last year that the overly strict regime of his mother was one of the reasons he started to abuse his own children. Court psychiatrists said he never got over his mother’s failure to show any kind of affection towards him.Kiehl explained that sane people show immense reaction to the repulsive pictures of his programme, while psychopathic killers show little to no reaction. He said: “Psychopaths show as much sympathy as we do with a Christmas goose while we carve it.”If Fritzl gives the green light to the examination, he would also face a ten-hour questioning session by a psychologist. Fritzl already underwent many hours of interviewing by court psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner ahead of his trial.Kiehl said his test session would be evaluated on a scale from 0 to 40, while a figure higher than 30 describes psychopaths.It has to be seen whether Austrian juridical chiefs allow the American neurologist to examine Fritzl who is serving a life sentence in Krems-Stein prison in Lower Austria, after admitting to rape, incest, murder and enslavement.”I think it would be better if he is not disturbed in his quiet environment in jail,” a prison official is quoted as saying by Austrian press.Local press however revealed recently Fritzl has been meeting lawyers to evaluate the chances for a retrial of his case.”I allowed them to drag me to the guillotine like a sheep,” he is quoted as saying about the March 2009 court case.Speaking about his motives for examining the world’s most evil criminals with his mobile 1.9-million-Euro mobile Siemens Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT), Kiehl meanwhile explained: “I want to clarify why criminals can torture, rape and kill without showing any sympathy for their victims.”He added: “Fritzl’s actions are those of a true psychopath. He knew exactly how badly his victims suffer, but he didn’t show any signs of guilt. He acted without any emotion.”Fritzl imprisoned his own daughter Elisabeth in a self-built cellar dungeon under the family home in Amstetten, Lower Austria, for 24 years. She bore seven children by him of which one died shortly after birth with breathing complications.He reportedly made friends with a cold-blooded killer serving life for slaughtering seven helpless victims and a former Olympic figure skater.Jail bosses meanwhile praised Fritzl. Prison general lieutenant Peter Prechtl said: “He is unobtrusive and has adapted well to day to day schedules.”Prechtl said Fritzl spent his days working as a cleaner and helped hand out meals in the prison canteen on his wing where he earns around 130 Euros a month to spend in the jail shop.