Study shows most parents feel let down by politics

The vast majority of Austrian mothers and daughters feel left alone by politicians, a survey has found.Vienna-based research agency Karmasin – who interviewed 500 parents in March and April – revealed today (Thurs) that 82 per cent felt “let down” by politicians when it comes to support for their situation.Austria has been criticised in various international studies for not offering enough kindergarten and day-care places.Eighty-seven per cent of parents however said they are nevertheless satisfied with their life situation as far as raising their children in Austria was regarded. Nine in ten said they would describe themselves as “good parents”, while 45 per cent admitted being “now and then overwhelmed” with their parental responsibilities.A worryingly low 17 per cent of Austrian parents told researchers they would describe today’s society as a “children-friendly” one.Clemens Steindl, president of the Catholic Association for Families (KFÖ), criticised the government’s plans to massively cut family subsidies as the coalition negotiates savings in all ministries to reduce the budget deficit and the increasing state debt.The Federal Audit Office (RH) revealed yesterday that the state debt took the 200-billion-Euro hurdle in 2009. The body appealed to the coalition to pursue plans to continue reforming the federal administration and cut down bureaucracy.State debt soared by 10 billion Euros year on year to 194.1 billion Euros in 2008 and feared to rise further by experts regardless of planned initiatives to reduce it.