Suspended sentence for ‘gassing Jews’ posting

A Vienna man was given a nine-month suspended sentence after posting anti-Semitic statements on the internet.A court in the capital heard today (Weds) how the 46-year-old wrote “all Jews should be gassed as in 1938” in the discussion forum of the Kronen Zeitung newspaperÂ’s website.The accused also posted “they should be put against the wall in Buchenwald and Dachau”.Two of the biggest concentration camps of the Third Reich were located in the German towns of Buchenwald and Dachau. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish people, homosexuals, disabled people and political opponents were killed there by the Nazis.”Good night to our society if such statements become socially acceptable,” judge Martina Krainz said, while prosecutors appealed to her to “act with the full force of the law” against the defendant.The accused pleaded guilty.”I was furious after losing loads of money in an online poker tournament. I downed a few beers and things then occurred the way they did,” he told the judge.The sentence is legally binding.