Salzburg stops kindergarten building programme

Salzburg has ended the regional kindergarten building programme – not because of a shortage of money but because the number of places to satisfy demand has now been reached.

The city said that places for 96 percent of the children in kindergarten age in the city were now provided.

SPÖ-vice Mayor Martin Panosch who was the responsible person for the project said the last new building projects would be the Kindergarten in the Gnigl part of the city and at the Struberkasernen-Areal.

He said: “I don’t believe the number of children in kindergartens will rise over 96 percent. There will always be parents that wanted to keep the children at home even when they are three years old. And in addition the population in Salzburg is not increasing by any noticeable amount.”

In total in Salzburg around 2500 children are in kindergartens. The only shortfall if there is one is for the children that need to be looked after aged under three.