Food, performance and art combine at Vienna Supper Club

Cultural centre TBA21 is combining food, dining, art, culture and music in a Winter Programme series at their Supper Club in Vienna.

Artists, chefs, curators are combining their talents at twelve events taking place at the TBA21 Supper Club, hosted by Die Au cafe/restaurant.

Events coming up include a culinary version of time-banking, the process of whereby people exchange their time and skills with each other. The Time/Food event will works on a similar basis but with people exchanging half an hour of their time for a meal.

Other upcoming nights are even more ambiguous. An ‘Icelandic Fish Soup’ with artist Ragnar Kjartansson just warns attendees to ‘expect an intense evening’.

Previous events have included a fundraiser for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon called ‘Supper for Snowdon’ and a non-verbal cooking demonstration using elements that illustrate human evolution.

Organisers of the Supper Club want it to be a place of debate and exchange as well as performance, pointing out that debate without food is a modern phenomenon.

“TBA21’s Supper Club recipe will address economies of consumption and exchange, taste, and social-choreography. The events bring debate and performance together with accompanying menus to explore the current stakes of the Futurist demand for revolution in the kitchen and the social relations of the dining room,” explains one of the organisers Boris Ondreička.

The Supper Club is located at Augarten in the 2nd district of Vienna and is running until April 2014.