New panorama bridge and glass stairs open on Dachstein

Dare devils in the Dachstein mountain region in Styria, Austria can test their nerves on the new so called ‘stairs to nothingness’.

Visitors can walk down the narrow glass steps to a viewing platform hanging over the mountains with a spectacular view located at 2,700 metres above sea level.

The stairs weigh in at five tonnes and visitors can see views over the whole province of Styria and on clear days further over the Austrian Alps and across to Styria.

These steps are located next to the 100 metre long bridge weighing 63 tonnes, standing on the bridge visitors can look hundreds of metres down below them into ‘nothingness’.

The bridge can withstand 750 kilos of snow and wind up to 250 kph.

To get to the attraction on the Dachstein glacier passengers need a good head for heights you can take a cable car complete with viewing platform – located on top of the new cable car that is now running in the Dachstein mountain region in Styria, Austria.

In just five-and-a-half minutes passengers are transported over 3,000 feet higher up the mountain, famous for its views and also for the natural wonders like the Dachstein Ice Caves or the Mammoth Cave – so named because of its vast size.

It is the Alpine countries first experiment with open air viewing platforms on cable cars with the rooftop platform allowing tourists the chance to ride up the side of the 9,926 foot mountain in style.

Ten people can fit on the viewing platform where they can enjoy the 360 panorama views that include several glaciers and more than a dozen peaks over 8,000 feet.