Fire show at medieval village in the Bohemian Prater

The Bohemian Prater in Vienna Favoriten will turn into a medieval village, once again. Visitors will be able to experience dances of witches, show fights, fire breathers and a torture show.

The Medieval Festival will take place for the ninth time this year. The organiser Kurt Pernica of the cultural association “Tivoli Wien” said that the festival was the first medieval festival in Vienna.

The event offers a market with medieval items, jewelry and clothes for four days. The show programme is oriented towards medieval customs and music.

According to the organiser, around 30,000 people visited the festival last year. Visitors of this year will have to pay a “road tall” of five Euros but in exchange, they will get a drink voucher of three Euros.

A highlight will be the daily fire show of the group “Abinferis” from Vorarlberg (Western Austria) at 9 p.m. The spectacle of the fire breathers will be accompanied by bagpipes.

A new item on the programme will be “Torben the torturer” from Germany. “Brave visitors can let themselves be tortured by the torturer. There will also be a pillory. Of course, everything is only show”, Mr Pernica said.

The festival also offers a so-called “Samara witch station” where children can get make-up from 2 p.m. A parade of all actors will take place in the pedestrian area from 1 p.m.

The stage programme also offers regular show fights from the knight group “Bluoat zi Bluoda” from Stryia as well as music until the evening.