Beer tasting in the city centre

Two hundred kinds of beer from 35 Austrian breweries can to be found in the Vienna city centre from today onwards as part of the “Vienna Beer Party.”

The party will last for four days and involve exclusive beer and a music program. Klaus Glavanics, organiser of the event, said: “We are no Oktoberfest. We want to keep a certain level of sophistication.”

The party is not a binge drinking get-together, but a place where people can come to taste rare beer kinds and enjoy themselves, according to Glavanics. Many of the beer kinds and shandies available at the event are not sold at any Viennese supermarkets.

Thirty five Austrian breweries contribute to the beer party, including smaller producers. Many of the breweries have made beer which will only be available during the event.

Bands like “Radio-Wien-Band”, “Schürzenträger” and “Mojo Blues Band” provide for the musical entertainment.

The party starts today (Thursday) at 17:00 until 6 May. Every day the event opens at 11:00.