Gyllenhaal on his ‘Moulin Rouge’ trauma

“Donnie Darko” star Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed he was desperate for the leading role in acclaimed musical film “Moulin Rouge.”The Hollywood actor told Austrian showbiz magazine Live today (Fri) he had been auditioning for the part – for which Ewan McGregor (“Trainspotting”) was eventually cast – for months. Gyllenhaal said McGregor, Heath Ledger and himself made the final round before decision-makers opted for the Scot.”I think they decided to take the biggest star. I was the youngest. It was disappointing because I’d have loved to do it,” Gyllenhaal admitted.The US American actor – who most recently starred in “Love and Other Drugs” – also said he felt “flattered” by rumours he was bisexual.”That means I’m credible in diverse roles,” the 30-year-old said referring to his role in modern western drama “Brokeback Mountain.”He added: “I’ve never felt attracted to a man – but I wouldn’t be afraid of it.”Gyllenhaal, who was born to parents active in the movie industry, plays a man who gets several chances to stop a terrorist from blowing up a train in new action thriller “Source Code.” Asked by Live who he would aim to save in a journey back in time, he named human rights activist Martin Luther King and assassinated US President John F. Kennedy.