Vienna meets Chicago in the global backyard

Vienna-based artist Petronilla Hohenwarter is travelling to Chicago this October to take part in the art project Artists Respond Globally (ARG).The project pairs artists in Chicago with international artists from South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Austria, Bulgaria, France and Germany, who then work together remotely. The project finishes with an exhibition in Chicago in October 2011.ARG is a project based organization, which connects artists and communities who are interested in communication and collaboration on a global scale to “develop the personal or local act of art making in combination with global relationships and communication technology”.The aim of ARG is to create dialogue, strengthen understanding, and support local and global awareness of social, political and aesthetic issues.As a quote taken from a social networking site and featured on its pages explains: “The next Buddha may not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community practising understanding, loving kindness and mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth.”The artwork which they create is based around the theme of the project “in my own backyard I can see the world beyond “, with the artists using modern communications technology to overcome barriers of time, distance and culture.Petronilla, 45, originally from Bavaria in Germany, is going to Chicago for two art events in October.  She is in a collaboration with the Vienna Hub, – a social and business networking platform founded by British-born Nigel Stonham and the trip to Chicago is a continuation and extension of the close cooperation between art and commerce and Vienna Hub and Petronilla over the last 18 months. Petronilla  has been an active member of Vienna Hub since arriving in Vienna in 2009, has worked on strategy development and redesigned the graphics and brand identity.Nigel said: “The Vienna Hub connects people with passion across art commerce sport and education, and Petronilla has made many useful connections through the monthly social meetings in Vienna.” Petronilla was a guest student from 1996-2000 at the University of Surakarta following a journey to Indonesia. There she joined several art classes in fine art (free painting, ceramic, installation, new media ). Selected modern painting classes in Europe completed her education in art and complimented her study of modern contemporary Asian art. In 2002 Petronilla  received a grant from the Bavarian State Ministry of Art, Research and Science in Munich for her Series ‘In Touch’.This grant included her first solo show and her first publication. Her work series the ‘Existence of the Universe and Individuality’ was also awarded first place at the Abstracta Art Point Black Gallery in Florence, Italy, in 2003 and honoured by the Government of Bavaria in Landshut, Germany in 2005. Her current Series the ‘Existence of Love’ has been exhibited in several national and international cities since 2004. Nigel said: “It is a pure Joy and Pleasure to be in touch with Petronilla’s art and with her in person. On her web-blog is written… “don’t touch my work ~  it touches you” and this is very true of her work. “What is her secret in that? Her Work pulsates with an emotional and joyful expression, it has its basis in intercultural communication, and it contains a high oscillation for the sense of being alive with one another. “To her the creative process is a special place, where an interactive dialogue exists between ones own personal liberty and the natural intelligence of the universe. The challenge in the work is to discover a transformative resting place through the dynamic movement and energy. This force expresses the dynamic of love in our global contemporary life. The Art of Petronilla Hohenwarter is seen as a contemporary witness to introduce visual Art to the world as a Result of the philosophy ‘Don’t think it – rather feel it and enjoy art’.” Petronilla said: “The USA, Chicago and the project itself is another step in my biography as a globally networking artist. Joining an international artist project delivers the opportunity and the chance to express visually my own view of a community which practices an ethical global understanding with mindful living. “I am  working in collaboration with Sergio Gomez, who was born in Mexico and emigrated to the USA Years ago. We are making great progress together and our first results titled “the common ground” will be presented in person by us on October 14th “Artists have got a “voice” which they can use locally and internationally and which attracts others to follow.  I studied visual art in Indonesia and since then I have dedicated myself to use my visual voice, my artwork, and my personality to further global understanding. “Through this I have built up a global network of collaborating artists over the last fifteen years. I am aware of course that many more steps are needed to achieve this vision, but I have started by making it visible, and it will only be fully recognized in years to come as it gains people’s interest. “As well as showing the first results of ARG, and taking part in the Fundraiser on October 14th at the Zhou B Art Centre in Chicago, I will take part in a Group Exhibition at the 33collective Gallery, located in the same building.  “Sergio Gomez, the Director of that Gallery invited me to be part of that collective and is giving me the chance to show my “Art Project Happiness”.  “This will be a wall installation comprising 365 pieces of artwork, each 9×9 cm. It is a reflectionof a personal human consciousness – 365 Moments of Happiness –- it shows small individual pieces, each can stand alone – but all are naturally linked together in a larger and broader scale. “The wall installation reflects a visualization of a consciousness, “the nature of understanding”, which naturally exists in us – it is a vision of happiness, it  affects as it attracts – and creates a  visual image of a mutual global understanding. I will also be giving an artist talk on Tuesday 19th October at 7pm at the 33collective gallery in combination with a “Vienna Hub in Chicago” social networking business event.” In addition to the Chicago project Petronilla is involved in a unique and innovative program for sponsors & patrons known as !ARTangels that has expanded the artists connections and vision  in between all her preparation. Individuals, companies, art-lovers, and collectors are invited to take ‘p!ART’ with sponsorship, by buying into the project. The “moments of happiness” that they purchase will be on show at this opening event in the 33collective gallery when Petronilla Hohenwarter enters the American stage. !Artangels will also be patrons of upcoming Exhibitions and Projects in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, and London – see!ARTangels currently range from the Adria Yacht Centre to Oracle Austria where Petronilla has a
show in 2012, through mhc-training where the MD Mark Heather bought a
picture for his brother at Petronilla’s exhibition in Vienna at
Christmas 2009 and  Glas Dersch, in Petronilla’s hometown of Waldkirchen, who
have been a long term business partner and art buyer of Petronilla’s.  * Take p!ART and meet Petronilla yourself, at the Zhou B Art Center 1029 W. 35th St. Chicago, IL 60609  – in various events from   14th of October – October 19th. The show in 33collective runs October 15th until November 12th. More information