Gyllenhaal says ‘Prince of Persia’ may be final ‘old school’ blockbuster

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed he would not be surprised if his new movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” turned out to be the last major Hollywood action film featuring “a real set”.The actor – who stars in the leading role of the blockbuster produced by Jerry Bruckheimer – told Austrian movie magazine Skip: “’Prince of Persia’ is maybe the final ‘old school’ blockbuster with a real set and real masses of cast. I’m not sure whether many (producers and actors) will take on the challenge and stress such a big production means.”The 29-year-old “Donnie Darko” star added he expected the main parts of future blockbusters to be created with the help of computers and other high-tech equipment.But speaking about James Cameron’s 3D science fiction film “Avatar” – the most successful movie of all time – he said: “I think what has happened with the help of the 3D technology is very exciting and I loved ‘Avatar’. But I don’t think the excessive use of this technique was the main reason for its success. I would say it succeeded because of its great plot.”Asked whether shooting “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” in the Moroccan desert was challenging, Gyllenhaal shrugged saying: “Many of the so-called problems only exist in people’s minds. The crew featured many Brits who kept complaining ‘Oh my God, how hot it is here!’. I didn’t feel much of a difference to a summer in Los Angeles though.”Gyllenhaal was put on page one by magazines over the world when pictures from shooting the adventure movie based on a popular computer game emerged because of his muscle-bound body.The actor – whose parents also worked in the industry – revealed Bruckheimer kept reminding him and some of his co-stars of not working out too excessively.He said, laughing: “Jerry used to visit us at the gym to prevent us exaggerating with the training, saying: ‘Gentlemen, never forget: Not too much biceps, please!’”Gyllenhaal told Skip that he was a huge fan of the PC game when it was first released in 1989, and he revealed producers of the movie agreed to include some extra “moves” he wanted to be considered after playing the game’s new version.”I loved shooting the stunts, but sometimes thought to myself: ‘Well done, Jake. But how am I supposed to survive the next planned one? I only got one life in contrast to the game!”