Luxury Sausages in Vienna

Sausage loving Austrians have gained a new treat in their culinary landscape after a gourmet sausage stand opened at Schwedenplatz.

On the menu is the popular cheese sausage the Kasekrainer sold together with caviar and champagne.

Cathedral chaplain Toni Faber blessed the new sausage stand and the man cooking up the menu was none other than celebrity playboy Richard Lugner.

Alongside the regular pizza and keybab offering  was the “saucisse au fromage avec caviar” Käsekrainer with caviar.
Manager of the new VIP sausage stand Thomas Danecek said: “The sausage stand is an institution in Vienna and we wanted to give tourists and visitors and new highpoint.”

Sausages at the stand are cooked in truffle oil and use  only the highest quality organic meat, which is why the caviar sausage is not cheap – €15. The mustard is all imported from Dijon in France.

The original initiative came after a suggestion by actor John Malkovic, who two years ago was in the city playing massmurderer Jack Unterweger at the Vienna Ronacher Theatre.

Every evening he ended up at the sausage stand eating sausage and drinking vodka and after one evening he had announced that he wished he could get caviar as well.

And the idea for the stand – known as “UBOX” – came into being.

Danecek, who is himself an opera singer, liked the idea and together with the sausage stand owner Yeritsayan Owsep the transfer to the original sausage stand into the new luxury sausage stand.

Danacek added: “The sausage stand is a great leveller – it’s where top managers will meet labourers.”