Petrol stations twice the price of supermarkets

By Rob Hyde in Vienna.

Customers shopping at petrol stations Austria are having to pay almost twice as much as in supermarkets, a recent report shows.

Statistics published by the Chamber of Labour (AK) reveal that the price of purchasing food, drinks and general items from the petrol pump stores works as 48 per cent more expensive than an average supermarket.

As part of the study, the AK bought 76 identical grocery items and a small number of cosmetic products from 14 gas stations in Vienna. Whilst the total cost in the supermarkets worked out at €155.52, it stood at a whopping €230.14 in the gas stations.

Particularly striking was the costs of, for example, a 1.5 litre bottle of Vöslauer mineral water, retailing in supermarkets for 0.67 Euros and in petrol station outlets for 1.49 Euro, working out at a huge price increase of 124 per cent.

Similarly a 100 gram Milk chocolate bar was found on sale for 1.09 Euros, yet at 1.73 Euros in petrol stations, making it 60 per cent more expensive.