Strache’s Facebook profile blocked

Leader of the right-wing Austria Freedom Party (FPÖ), has had his popular Facebook  page mysteriously blocked – then unblocked.

Despite having around 135,000 users ‘likes’ on his page, Heinz-Christian Strache suddenly found that the Zuckerberg-founded social network giant had decided to cancel his page, leaving him unable to read or post updates.

Early Monday morning, everything in the virtual blue world of Facebook was still alright, and Strache greeted his 135.000 fans by wishing them:”A great start to this sunny week”.

Soon after, however, there was suddenly nothing. The page had been blocked.

The FPÖ is thought to have triggered a U.S-Intervention following Strache’s harsh criticism of U.S surveillance, with postings such as: “”U.S. interference in the Austrian campaign”

By Thursday evening at 7:15pm, however, even Strache managed to surprise everyone by posting: “I’m back,” on Facebook. The response was 1,500 Likes in just 30 minutes.

Although inconvenient, some feel that Strache has still benefitted from this event.

Political scientist, Peter Filzmaier said: “This gives him free attention”

Reknown Austrian Polictical advisor Thomas Hofer said: “Facebook basically had to back pedal here otherwise Strache could have been made a martyr.”