5,500 new millionaires in Austria

2012 has been a successful year for the wealthy in Austria. The numbers of Austrian millionaires has increased by 5,500 people (10%) to 77,600 people. They own a third of the total private assets.

In total, Austrian millionaires own assets of 245 billion Euros. Every Austrian millionaire owns 3.15 million Euros on average.

Family Porsche/Piech are on top of the list of the super-rich with 40.9 billion Euros. This was shown by the most recent asset report of the investment house Valluga AG from Liechtenstein.

“This record result is mainly thanks to the booming capital markets and the strong real estate market”, the authors of the study stated.

The study only considers the financial assets without real estates that are not used. Austrian billionaires own more than a third of the total Austrian private assets (33.4%).

The highest density of millionaires is in Vienna, with 1,130 millionaires per 100,000 residents. This is followed by Lower Austria and Salzburg. Burgenland is at the bottom of the list with 590 millionaires per 100,000 residents.

The number of millionaires in Vienna has increased by nine percent to 19,500 in 2012. This was followed by Lower Austria (17,200), Upper Austria (12,500) and Styria (9,600).

Dietrich Mateschitz is in second place with assets of 7.5 billion Euros. This is followed by Family Flick (6.3 billion Euros), Novomatic boss Johann Graf (4.5 billion Euros), real estate tycoon Karl Wlaschek (4.2 billion Euros), Heidemarie Horten (3.2 billion Euros), Family Swarovski (2.6 billion Euros), entrepreneur Wolfgang Leitner (2 billion Euros), Frank Stronach (1.9 billion Euros) and the siblings Patricia, Emil Alexander and Marie-Rose Kahane (1.8 billion Euros).

The increase of the super-rich is, however, no Austrian phenomenon. The number of millionaires increased in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to 1.13 million people in 2012.