Strabag in German wind power bid

Building industry top dog Strabag SE is to get involved in a major wind energy project.The Vienna-based company – Austria’s biggest construction firm – said today (Tues) it will cooperate with project leader Northern Energy Projekt GmbH in the endeavour. The German holding will set up around 850 offshore wind power stations in the North Sea in the coming 10 to 15 years.Strabag explained that its subsidiary company Strabag Offshore Wind GmbH, which has its headquarters in the German city of Cuxhaven, will mastermind its involvement in the five-billion-Euro project. The Strabag affiliate will set up the foundations of the wind energy stations weighing more than 7,000 tons each.The involved companies are currently awaiting the green light by cartel authorities in Austria and Germany to start with the construction.Strabag has more than 73,000 employees. It is active across Europe but focuses on roadwork activities in Poland and Russia as the economies of these nations weathered the debt and credit crisis comparably well.There is a growing demand for eco-friendly electricity solutions in Germany and across Europe as more and more political and economical decision-makers are tipped to abandon nuclear energy technology owing to the disaster at the plant in Fukushima, Japan, in March.Only last month, Upper Austrian firm Voestalpine AG revealed it was assigned to deliver 20,000 tons of steel for the London Array project, a new offshore wind park in Great Britain.