Vienna hotels introduce sharp price hike

Hotels in Vienna are charging nearly 20 Euros more per night than resorts in Salzburg, a survey has revealed.Holiday information platform Trivago ( – which constantly compares the prices for standard double rooms in Europe’s largest cities and most important vacation destinations – announced today (Weds) that one night at a hotel in the Austrian capital costs 142 Euros this month – up from 132 Euros last month and 99 Euros in February.The website said that hotels in Salzburg, another Austrian tourism hotspot, charge an average 123 Euros for a standard double room this month. Trivago added that hotel rooms in Graz – Austria’s second-largest city after Vienna – cost 117 Euros. Linz hotels ask for around 110 Euros at the moment, according to the Trivago Hotel Price Index (THPI).Trivago also found that prices rose in nearly all of the continent’s most popular cities. The platform revealed that the price for a double room in some destinations has not been that high since the outbreak of the financial crisis in October 2008.Austria’s hotels feature more than one million beds. The resorts recorded 42.59 million overnight stays between November 2010 and February 2011. Around 2.1 per cent more overnight stays were counted in the same period of the previous winter.Research has shown that an increasing number of vacationers opt for short trips. Hotels have reacted to the trend by offering special extended weekend package deals for couples and families as the number of guests booking up for a week or more is in decline.The Austrian Economy Chamber (WKO) recently appealed to tourism marketing agencies not to neglect Austrian holidaymakers, fearing that promotion managers would ignore the domestic potential while raising their activity in key markets like Germany and Russia.