All jobs safe at broke Salzburg wood company

All 45 jobs at a bankrupt Salzburg wood firm are safe, it emerged today (Weds).Liquidator Konrad Ferner said he told the 45 Salzburger Holzindustrie employees yesterday that they will all keep their jobs after he managed to find an investor willing to take over the broke company.Ferner said the Carinthian wood-processing firm Johann Weinberger won the public tender to acquire the Abtenau-based company.The liquidator explained that the firm, based in Reichenfels, did not put in the highest bid, but got the green light since it promised to keep all employees.The deal now only depends on the go-ahead by Salzburger Holzindustrie’s creditors and the bankruptcy court.The Creditors’ Protection Association of 1870 (KSV 1870) announced recently that the number of business bankruptcies in Austria had dropped by 3.6 per cent year on year to 1,639 during the first quarter of this year, while the number of private bankruptcies soared by 6.4 per cent to 2,586 in the same period.The institution said a year on year increase of firms going bust was expected for 2010.The most recent major case of a business filing for bankruptcy is the case of Carinthian energy technology firm EN-TECH.EN-TECH bosses said on Monday the company had debts of 1.79 million Euros. They added sale figures have declined after the credit crunch kicked in around one and a half years ago.Thirteen employees and 120 creditors are affected.