Women safer than men on roads

Drink-drivers, speeders and drivers who routinely forget to wear their seatbelt are mostly men, statistics from the Austrian traffic club reveal.

According to the research, women in Burgenland (eastern Austria) are much safer on the road than men.

Indeed, women are generally three times safer than men on the road. Traffic club (Verkehrsclub Österreich, VCÖ) officials have said that 155 men and 58 women died in roads accidents in Austria between 2005 and 2012.

Two factors are responsible for the fact that women score better in terms of road safety than their male equals.

One the one hand, women take less risk on the road and on the other hand, women have a different attitude towards transport – women use public transports more and take the car less than men.

VCÖ say nine out of ten drink-drivers, speeders or seat-belt offenders are men.