Imperial train offers new routes under new management

The Majestic Imperator Train that offers a taste of Imperial luxury upon a train once used by Emperor Franz Josef I and his wife Elisabeth is getting a new head of steam under new management.

A total of 150 dinner seats in six wagons are on offer for a variety of destinations either around Vienna or on trips to destinations ranging from Salzburg, Munich, Prague and Budapest through to Venice

There are also special themed events such as a wine tasting in Burgenland, travelling up by train for a hiking holiday in simmering.

Since the start of the year the new general manager has been Elisabeth Steinleitner who took over at the helm of the 20-year-old company.

The new trips offered this year include in the footsteps of the Emperor that among other destinations travels to Bad Ischl or Gödöllö in Hungary.

The company said what all the trips have in common is the atmosphere on the trains.