Childless couples have a choice in Austria


By Alessia De Silva A new clinic opened down the road from our offices in Vienna recently – with a large picture of a baby on the front. It is the Institut für Reproduktionsmedizin und Psychosomatik der Sterilities – rather a mouthful even if you do speak German – and what that means in English […]

Dead cow had BSE, test shows

General News

Austria has been hit by the eighth case of mad-cow disease (BSE) this year.The federal health ministry announced today (Fri) post mortem tests have shown that a 15-year-old cow which died of old age on a farm in the Lower Austrian district of Wiener Neustadt had the disease.The ministry, headed by Social Democrat (SPÖ) Alois […]

Austrian database planned after cheap eggs scam


People’s Party (ÖVP) Environment Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich has unveiled plans to set up a country-wide egg-farming database following a recent business scandal.Berlakovich’s initiative comes after it emerged that a Styrian company imported substandard eggs from Poland and Hungary to sell them as local products. Recent reports have it that Rohr an der Raab-based Goldmund sold […]