Conchita duck enrages disney fans

General News

Angry cartoon fans say Walt Disney himself would be turning in his grave if he learned that his descendants had allowed a bearded version of Daisy Duck to take up residence in the Duck universe. Life in the Duck universe centres on the city of Duckburg in the fictional U.S. state of Calisota – analogous […]

UNESCO accepts Schemenlaufen as world cultural heritage

Culinary Guide

An Austrian tradition known as the Imster Schemenlaufen that takes place during the carnival period has been recognised as part of the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO. It takes place every four years at Imst in Tyrol usually on a Sunday and lasts from early in the morning until exactly 1800. The next one takes […]

Icy Simpsons clones move in on Austrian mountain


More than 13 tonnes of ice were used to create life-sized models of the main characters from the hit TV series The Simpsons.Managers of the Planai skiing and hiking area in the province of Styria said today (Weds) it took Sebastian Zörweg, Hans Böhmer and Christian Schmid several weeks to turn the blocks of ice […]