Vienna votes against Olympics in 2028

Residents of Vienna have apparently voted against an application of the city for the Olympic games in 2028. This appears to be the trend after the evaluation of the first postal votes of the referendum. The mayor will announce the offical dates today (Tues).

The numbers are still not official, but numbers about the result of the votes have spread in newspapers since yesterday (Mon) morning. The evaluation of the first postal votes confirms this trend.

A majority of the residents voted against an application for the Olympic games. The daily newspaper “Der Standard” reported that there are 155 votes for and 617 votes against the application in the district of Liesing. This is a district where the majority supports the SPÖ, which advocated the Olympics.

In regards to the parking management, the option of a decentralised solution for individual districts seems to have been favoured by residents. This means that individual districts instead of the city of Vienna will decide about parking stickers in the future.

Apparently, residents of Vienna opposed the privatisation of communal services. They further agreed with environmentally friendly energy projects, based on the model of citizen solar power stations.

Three percent of 337,621 ballot papers had been evaluated until Sunday evening. The rest of them were evaluated yesterday.

The city of Vienna did not want to confirm the information that had spread in the newspapers. Mayor Michael Häupl (SPÖ) will present the preliminary result today (Tues). It can, however, change slightly until 18 March, which is the deadline of the referendum.

It is, however, clear that the participation in the referendum increased by 2.44 percent compared to 2010. 29,44 percent of the people entitled to vote took part this year.