Albertina Museum Advised To Return Drawings

An art commission, set up by the Ministry of Culture, has recommended the Albertina Museum return five drawings by artist Egon Schiele to the descendents of their Jewish owner.Viennese Karl Maylander, who was deported to a Polish labour camp in 1941, was the original owner of the drawings by Schiele.The dealer knew Schiele before the artist’s death in 1918. The works held by the Albertina Museum include “Maedchen mit Sonnenbrille” (Girl with sunglasses).In 1998 a law was adopted which paved the way for works seized during the Third Reich to be returned to their owners or beneficiaries.In November Vienna’s Leopold Museum was recommended to return several of its Schiele works to Maylander’s relatives however it has yet to follow this ruling.By Matthew Riding