More charity organisations to benefit from tax law

The Austrian government has decided to expand a programme making donations to charity organisations tax-deductible.The federal coalition – formed by the Social Democrats (SPÖ) and the People’s Party (ÖVP) – announced today (Mon) the model will also consider money given to organisations which run animal shelters, voluntary fire brigades and natural protection groups.The decree, which was introduced in 2009, currently applies to donations to organisations focusing on humanitarian work and development aid.Animal protection organisations were angered by the SPÖ-ÖVP coalition’s decision to leave them out. Reports have it that it was the SPÖ who spoke out in favour of such charity organisations in the reformed law, while the ÖVP allegedly convinced the SPÖ to accept the inclusion of fire-fighters.The adapted regulation will come into force next year, it was announced.Austrians gave an average 46 Euros to charities last year, according to the Austrian Fundraising Association (FVA).