SPÖ fears British conservative government

The Social Democrats (SPÖ) fear that a future British Conservative Party government would have “negative implications,” according to SPÖ federal manager Laura Rudas.Speaking today (Fri) Rudas said that such a government would constitute a set-back for efforts to make Europe “more social and for more regulation and control of financial markets. It would be more difficult to create a common European financial-market architecture with a Europe-sceptical and conservative British government.”People’s Party (ÖVP) Europe spokesman and former Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, on the other hand, claimed that the British people had clearly indicated their preference for a change in government.He said he hoped that Conservative Party leader David Cameron would continue to cooperate constructively with the rest of Europe as head of a new British government since the UK played “an important role” in Europe.Freedom Party (FPÖ) foreign-affairs spokesman Johannes Hübner said the conservatives’ victory had been “urgently necessary” for Europe, adding that the FPÖ valued the party’s Europe-critical policies in the interest of the British people.FPÖ MEP Andreas Mölzer welcomed the prospect that a British government led by Cameron would help stop centralisation in Europe.Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek welcomed the election of the first Green to the House of Commons since the British Greens’ formation 30 years ago.Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) leader Josef Bucher called British election results “a new chance for the UK.”He also claimed the Liberal Democrats had shown that the era of absolute majorities in the UK had come to an end.